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This is a multi-user weblog. Only 11L students should know the login and password! Therefore they are TOP SECRET!!

Passwort und Login für dieses Web-Tagebuch sollten streng geheim bleiben und nur 11L-Schülern zugänglich sein.

This weblog is designed to help you learn English (and a bit History, and Maths...). Please give your correct name if you answer to a question I or Ms Rost or Mr Biermann put to you in lesson. If you want to write an anonymous statement, do not use rude language, please! Changes to the password or the email adress will kill this blog. Design changes are welcome, but do not change the design at every visit. You can add links if the links are educational links or useful links. If not, I will delete them.

I hope you have fun using this device! Viel Spaß im 11L Blog!



Mathias Gressmann am 15.11.06 19:46

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